Trail Ride

With great thanks, The Marriott Family and Corporation is willing to share their breathtaking private property with the public. Because this is private property, horses owned by The Natural Connection INC. are the only horses permitted to live and work on the property.

Guided western horseback riding is available for many different levels of riders. We cater to majority first time or beginner riders, but are happy to offer options for riders to advance in their skills, or provide a great ride for more experienced guests!
(April through December)

Tuesday-Sunday 10am and 2pm

Tuesday-Friday 10am, 12pm, and 2pm

**Occasionally, the trail barn closes to haul horses to the Pavilion to participate in Special Events at the B&B.**

WINTER (January through March)

7 days per week 10am, 12pm & 2pm

Option 1:

The Public Ride is open to any level of rider. The process is 90
minutes, which includes mounting, instruction, the trail ride and
dismount. Public rides are open to up to 15 riders per ride. These
rides are ALL WALK ONLY due to the lowest level of rider being
beginners. We also want to keep all riders walking when riding in large groups for safety reasons.

Option 2:

The Private Ride caters to small groups, as few as one (1) and up to ten (10). The ride time under-saddle is 90 minutes so we ask that riders arrive early. This allows private ride time to be used appropriately for warm-up at the walk, trotting, cantering and cool down at the walk. Private rides can be a great option for numerous reasons:

a) PRIVACY: You want private time with a Wrangler for yourself and/or your party of people and simply don't want to ride with the public. You have the option of just walking the whole time, or even doing some trotting and cantering.

b) EDUCATION: You want to further your riding skills and would like tutelage on the trails. What a great way to learn to ride, out on trails experiencing real life scenarios! Riders are taught about
horsemanship, including, but not limited to, proper form, contact,
gaits, horse body language, terrain, etc. Trotting will be a primary
focus for riders learning on the trail and once the Wrangler feels the rider is proficient, cantering may be introduced. For newer riders, keep in mind that cantering will most likely not be taught in the first few sessions. It is also suggested for riders looking to further their education sign up for trail ride lessons on a weekly basis for more optimal results. New riders must learn how to balance themselves on a horse using their legs in the stirrups, not balancing on the horses mouth or the reins. Safety for both horse and rider are the priority at all times.

c) YOU ARE A RIDER!: You are looking to trail ride at a place where you can put your skills to work! If you are already a proficient rider, the Wrangler will recognize this immediately and trot sets will move into canter sets halfway through the ride. This is a great option for riders that want to enjoy our horses with gorgeous scenery!

Option 3:
**2018 Dates: April 16th, May 21st, June 18th, July 16th,
August 20th, September 17th, October 15th**

The Day Ride is designed for the person who has already ridden on either a public or a private ride here at the ranch or has some previous riding experience. Day rides are not suggested for first time riders. The ride leaves the barn at 10:00am and returns at 4pm. This is an amazing ride, traveling through a portion of 2,000 acres on the trail barn side of the ranch, over to a portion of another 2,000 acres on the Bed & Breakfast side of the ranch. Yes, the trail barn is in Linden and the Bed and Breakfast is in Hume, so riders see breathtaking changes in scenery, as the trail barn has a more untouched wilderness feel and then you head to the beautifully manicured lawns outside of the Bed and
Breakfast. Upon arrival to the B & B, we stop and tie up the horses and enjoy a boxed lunch at the picnic tables, prepared by the Marriott Caterers. Dates for Day Rides are posted on the Marriott Ranch website at