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The Natural Connection INC is owned and operated by Ms. Jean French. TNC (The Natural Connection INC), arrived to take over operations at the Marriott Ranch Trail Ride Barn in February of 2017 and is proud to be the first independent contractor to run trail rides for the Marriott Corporation.

A little history:

Ms. Jean started riding at age 4. Traveling overseas, this hobby kept her busy, learning to ride English, both dressage and jumping. Landing in the U.S. permanently, the opportunity arose to volunteer and then work for the Marriott Ranch as an employee of the Marriott Corporation. In the 90's, all through high school and college, she learned the in's and out's of working as a wrangler. Aside from saddling up 30 horses and riding with customers, she assisted in managing 55+ horses. After work, she spent hundreds of hours simply "being" with this huge herd of horses up in the mountains. A pencil with sketch book, a rock to sit on and countless hours learning to create bonds with horses were all Jean needed to be satisfied with her quiet evenings alone. Little did she know that this was "character building" and the language of the horse would become the premise for the "soon to be" program.

In 2001, Jean left the Marriott Ranch and pursued Team Roping in Aldie, VA. As a header, she found excitement and challenge in roping cattle on the VCA circuit. However, after a few years, she was feeling she was missing true connection from her horses.

In 2004, the concept of The Natural Connection became a twinkle in her eye but quickly moved to a reality. Horses were brought in for rehabilitation and prioritizing the horses well-being with holistic practices and natural hoof care became an interest. Reading a horse's "feelings" was imperative for knowing what to do, how to care for and eventually how to help heal horses in her care.

In 2005, the Natural Connection became active with customers on a part-time basis. Beginner riders had the option to learn recreational western riding and then move to english. From 2009 - 2016, the business went full-time. Horse communication was the key component as students learned about horse ownership, horse management and care, and horse training.

In 2017, Ms. Jean was presented with a unique opportunity to come back to the Marriott Ranch in a different capacity. From sole proprietorship to a Corporation, now Ms. Jean has the opportunity to share her knowledge and love of horses with riders from all over the world. The Natural Connection INC now has a large part-time employee base. And while Wranglers do ride horses all day long, they also must communicate with both horses and humans with kindness and clarity. Ms. Jean strives for excellence through continuing education for all involved with The Natural Connection INC.

To read more details about Ms. Jean's previous program and some of the horses that were rehabilitated, retrained and rehomed, please go to the blogspot's.

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