Ms. Jean has dedicated her whole life to teaching and education. After working for the Marriott Corporation, she opened The Natural Connection part-time. However, full-time, she worked as a child care facility director for 7 years, and then worked as a public speaker at the University level. With a Masters in Education in Early Childhood Education, the desire to learn and teach has driven her to help inspire others on their own journeys. As an Instructor, Trainer, and Horse Communicator, Ms. Jean believes that continuing education is the key to the success of her program. Constantly going to clinics herself, Ms. Jean rides and trains in both English and Western disciplines.

During the winter, Ms. Jean's trail riding program shifts more into the round pen and arena.


Since The Natural Connection INC can accommodate 15 riders per ride, Boyscout and Girlscout rides are very popular and welcome here at the ranch. Please go to our Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts tab for more information.


Ms. Jean is happy to offer private lessons on the trail on weekdays during Spring, Summer and Fall. In Winter, private lessons can move to the round pen, since the ground may be frozen on the trails. However, all lessons are subject to change due to the weather.

What do you learn in LESSONS in the round pen: $60 per person for 1 hour and can be booked under Private Lessons (Round Pen).

-Learn how to utilize the language of the horse in the round pen, create a bond
-Learn how to catch your own horse in the herd environment and learn about herd dynamics and why that's so important
-Learn how to read your horse's body language when grooming your horse and what he may be telling you
-Learn how to saddle your horse properly, with an awareness of what the horse is telling you and why
-Learn how weather affects the horse's demeanor and what exercises you can do on the ground to ensure a safer ride
-Learn to ride in the round pen and then eventually take those skills out on the trail! Walk, Trot, Canter, One Rein Stops, Emergency Dismount and more!

Take lessons weekly, biweekly or monthly, whatever works for your schedule!


Ms. Jean is happy to offer seminars about various topics of horsemanship for Animal Science classes, 4-H, Girlscout and Boyscout troops and any other groups looking to further their education.

Seminars can be held here at the ranch to utilize our round pen for Demo's or we can use the Arena located behind our B&B for bigger audiences and subjects that demand multiple horses be used for Demo's. Seminar's can also be held in our Conference room, located upstairs in our Trail Barn. This room can seat up to 40 people, and does have a projector screen if needed. We will also be asking guest speakers to have their presentations here during the winter as well, all focused on equine education.


Ms. Jean is available to teach off property during the months of December, January, February and March every year. Clinics are ALWAYS based on learning the language of the horse and how to better utilize that knowledge to create a better bond. The language of the horse is the underlying focus for all clinics and below are some topics of interest:

- Horsemanship 101 - Safety on the ground with a horse
- Horsemanship 102 - Safety under-saddle at the Walk, Trot and Canter
- Problem Solving - Horse's in need of exercises that will make them more safe for their handlers
- Confidence Building - Clinic focused on rebuilding the confidence of riders that have taken falls or have had traumatic experiences with horses
- Retraining the repurposed horse
- Retraining the horse with special medical needs