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Logan C. "Best trail riding in Virginia"
Wanted to surprise my girlfriend (an experienced horse rider) with a trail ride at Marriott Ranch. As a first time rider myself, I couldn't have pictured a better experience. Jean (owner of horse business) took us on a personal trail ride and explained the ins and outs of horse riding to me. She was a FANTASTIC instructor, and we had a blast. Jean was friendly, horses were well trained, and we can't wait to go back!

CapChaos. "Cattle Drive was Amazing!!"
First of all, we didn't stay on the property this time (but have done so in the past and loved it). We did visit the stables and went on the Cattle Drive as well as a few trail rides. We had a fabulous experience and would recommend this activity to anyone who is comfortable or experienced with horses. Everything was very well organized, and the Barn Manager, Jean, went over what we should expect once we encountered the cattle. She made sure the wranglers knew our experience level and provided wonderful instruction on how to handle the horses if they seemed uncomfortable in a certain situation. We had time to become acquainted with our horse "partners" before the drive as we groomed and tacked them in preparation for the day's activities. The wranglers who were on hand were very attentive and provided clear direction once we were out in the fields trying to round up the cattle. This wasn't just a "show" cattle drive for tourists - the ranch actually needed our help rounding up the cattle so they could receive their bi-annual treatments. Obviously, the cattle didn't know (or care) about our intentions, so we had a great time chasing down the strays and feeling like the real deal! We managed to get a large part of the herd into the pens by lunch time and found a wonderful spread awaiting us. Lunch was a gourmet buffet of "cowboy" vittles - bbq, chicken, mac & cheese, beans...and an amazing assortment of desserts and beverages. There was plenty of time to enjoy our meal and chat with other folks. Since we'd done such a great job in the morning, we didn't really need to round up any more cattle, so we were taken on a new trail that had just been created this spring. We were the first "guests" to use the trail and it was quite exciting! I find this area beautiful anyways, but riding through the pristine forest, watching the sun filter through the leaves, and discovering unexpected surprises (a tree had fallen across the trail since the last time they'd checked, so we blazed our own trail through the brush nearby) was as close to heaven as I've experienced. It was an experience that I will not soon forget and we plan to return again. Note: This specific ride was designated as an activity for experienced riders, but they offer trail rides and other rides that are perfect for folks with any level of experience.


Yaqeen S.
We came here for one of our bachelorette party events and it was the best part of the whole weekend! The ranch is gorgeous and the wranglers are so nice. Most of the bridal party have never gone horseback riding and all the wranglers made us feel super comfortable on the horseback riding trip. Would definitely recommend coming here!


Amanda Cousins
As a professional horse trainer I haven't seen another trail riding business with such well cared for and well behaved horses. Jean and her staff were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I'd recommend this place to anyone!

Shari Yaeger Goodwin
Needed some major relaxation today so where did I go? For a trail ride with my good friend and brilliant horsewoman Jean French. I rode my “horse away from home” Doc and we enjoyed a spectacular ride through the hills of the Marriott Ranch. I’m completely fulfilled and back to normal. What a way to reset and savor the beauty of nature. Thanks Jean! :)

Vince Cline
We stayed at Marriott Ranch for a one night getaway and had a great experience. The horse ride was fantastic. Our guide, Jean, was very knowledgeable and provided the right amount of instruction for each of us. It was a perfect ride!

Jessica Anderson
My boyfriend and I went for a private 90 minute ride. I'm an advanced rider but he had never ridden before. Jean was awesome teaching him the basics, saddling up our horses for us, and was just in general extremely hospitable and made us both feel very comfortable and at ease, especially through her instruction for him as we traversed the gorgeous hills and woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Saw at least 2 Red-tailed Hawks on our ride, plus an area that boasts potential Bald Eagle nesting sites. The ride was great for both of us at differing riding levels, scenery was beautiful, and it was very comfortable talking to our guide! Highly recommend!

Brandon Page
Took the Fiancé up to get her first saddle experience under her. The awesome dynamic duo couple Jean and her husband made it everything I was hoping for her (bride to be) to experience, after learning about the family’s farm. Because of the wonderful experience, we’re definitely coming back for more.... and apparently we need a few horses for the farm after our wonderful time.

Sara Watson
It was my first time at this particular ranch (but I'm an experienced rider), and it was my boyfriend's first time ever SITTING on a horse. We both really appreciated how they asked us our riding levels and paired us with the correct house for your level. Philip had Tinker, who was nice and slow and gentel with Philip. I had Paco, beautiful bay gelding and he and I had a blast. Horses are well kept/groomed and the trails are beautiful. We will be coming back for some private rides.

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