Important Information


We accept most major credit cards, sorry, no personal or business checks.


Semi-Private All Walk Ride: $90.00 per person
(Group of 6 or more discount: $85.00 per person)

Private Ride (All Walk for Privacy): $120.00 per person

Private Trot and potentially Canter Ride: $120.00 per person, maximum
of 4 people for experienced riders only.
(For Private Rides that potentially involve trotting and cantering,
the weight limit is 180lbs.)

Western Town Experience Ride: $150.00 per person, offered only in the Fall

Lesson in round pen: $80 per lesson - 1 hour

Lesson in arena during winter: $150.00 per lesson - 1 and half hours

MILITARY DISCOUNT: Military I.D discount

Are you on the list to be a guest at a Special Event located at the Marriott Ranch Pavilion and Event Center? Please be sure that you still qualify to ride with us...SEE BELOW.

Are you redeeming a Gift Certificate? Please be sure that you still qualify to ride with us...SEE BELOW.

More about our Special Events!



(There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these insurance rules)

* ALL riders, age 18 and above, must sign his or her own release form. If you choose to sign one online, you are only permitted to sign a release form for yourself, and if you are a parent, your minor.

***YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SIGN A RELEASE FORM FOR ANOTHER ADULT. Remember, there are qualifications and restrictions that all riders must read and understand regarding horseback riding, a high-risk activity. This release form is here to ensure that people that choose to ride FULLY disclose their abilities, as well as accept the risks involved with getting on a 1000lb opinionated animal, out in the back-country, away from medical assistance. Please, DO NOT put someone else's livelihood in your hands by signing a release form for another adult.***

* No dogs are allowed, not in vehicles or at the trail barn, please leave your dogs at home.

* We have a working cattle dog and a barn cat here. Even though both animals are up to date on rabies and shots, they are animals. Please, enter understanding that this is their home. It's best not to touch, feed or encourage inappropriate behavior. Dogs and cats naturally bite and scratch when feeling overwhelmed, avoid this by leaving them alone.

* No pregnant/expectant mothers, as we do not want to risk you both getting injured due to the many factors that are out of our control, including but not limited to horses having opinions, weather, wild or domesticated animals out on the trails.

* We do not ride double with a parent and a child on one horse since this is considered dangerous.

* All riders must be 10 years of age or older to trail ride, this is an insurance requirement. We respect that you may have a child under age 10 that has prior riding experience from lessons, camps, etc. Unfortunately, his/her experience has nothing to do with our terrain and types of horses and how the insurance establishes the age limit on trails. So please do not ask us to make an "exception" for your child. An "exception" means that that child is not "qualified to ride" under the insurance parameters, meaning he/she would not be covered by liability insurance, which obviously, is not an option. Thanks for understanding.

* All riders must be under 220lbs for the safe and humane treatment of our horses and for the safety of our riders, a scale may be used to confirm; horses can comfortably carry 1/4 of their weight, on flat, groomed surfaces, such as landscaped grass or sand arenas. However, our trails are extremely rocky and mountainous, dropping the total lbs carried per horse down by 10lbs, and then minus another 20lbs for the tack they carry. The horses currently owned by The Natural Connection INC are roughly around 1000lbs. Hence, the 220lb weight limit. So please do not ask us to make an "exception" for a rider over 22olbs. An "exception" means that that person is not "qualified to ride" under the insurance parameters, meaning he/she would not be covered by liability insurance, which obviously, is not an option. Thanks for understanding.

* All riders must be "Able-bodied participants," meaning they are capable of:

-walking up and down the stool for mounting and dismounting without assistance
-comprehend and can follow instructions that are provided in the English language
-capable of following instructions during mounting, during the 10-15 minute instructional provided before the trail ride, throughout the trail ride, at dismount and during carrot time with the horses at the end.

* The Natural Connection Inc, staff, facility and horses are not licensed, certified nor equipped to accommodate riders that are considered special needs or therapeutic riders. Please see "able-bodied participant" requirement as set forth by our insurance parameters listed above.

* All riders under age 18 must have a parent/legal guardian provide a signed release form.

* ALL RIDERS are required to wear ASTM certified equestrian helmets, regardless of your age, experience, or dislike for "not looking cool." Remember, you have one brain and head so we intend to protect it! You are welcome to use a helmet that is provided by the trail barn or you may bring your own equestrian helmet! (Sorry, no bicycle helmets or other types of helmets are permitted for use, they are safety tested in a completely different way than an equestrian helmet)

* CELL PHONES must be put on silence and placed in a secure pocket. Don't worry, the Wranglers will take pictures for you! We will air-drop pictures at the end or can text/email/WhatsAPP if you don't have an iphone. Why? First, we do not want phones to be taken out throughout the ride because this often causes guests to accidentally pull on the reins, which in turns, pulls on the horses sensitive mouths. Second, we also do not want guests dropping their valuable phones on the trails...remember, if you drop it, it stays there. We will not stop the ride dozens of times for dropped phones. Our job is to provide a great experience out in nature, and that involves you being present and being disconnected from your phones for 90 minutes. Let us help you with the pictures so you can enjoy the experience.

* All riders must arrive 10-20 minutes early.

* All riders that arrive 10 minutes after the designated ride time SHOULD EXPECT to be rescheduled. Be respectful of the people that arrived early or on time.


* Gift Certificates that are issued through the Marriott Ranch are redeemable through contacting us via email at A picture of the Gift Certificate will need to be sent via email to confirm it is redeemable, then a reservation can be made.

* Gift Certificates that are issued through The Natural Connection INC online system are redeemable through booking on the online system. In the section where each rider is asked to put in the height, weight and age, lastly, plug in your GC number and the reservation system will authenticate it.


* All riders must provide 24 hours notice if needing to change the number of riders for a reservation, reschedule, or cancel. If we do not receive 24 hours notice via phone call or email, credit cards will be charged the full amount for the "NO-SHOW" reserved slots.

Group Cancellation Policy:

*We have a strict 72 hour cancellation policy and ask that you call 72 hours prior to your scheduled ride time to avoid charging your card or to request a refund if prepaid. Calling within 72 hours of your groups scheduled ride time will result in no refund and/or charging your card for all slots that you have reserved, including "no shows". This enables us to fill up the slots you previously booked with ample time.

*If you have booked a ride within 24 hours of your scheduled ride, and need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, we require notification via phone call or email (4) four hours prior to your scheduled ride, no exceptions. Refunds will be honored with the minimum of 4 hours notice.

* If the trail barn must reschedule or cancel rides due to ANY unforeseen circumstances, INCLUDING WEATHER, trail barn representatives will provide a minimum of 3 hours notice to riders. Generally, we send an email out the night before the scheduled reservation to provide options for reschedule or refund when these unforeseen circumstances occur.

* All riders are required to wear long pants and fully closed shoes, such as boots with a flat heel, hiking boots or sneakers. Absolutely no sandals, flip-flops, etc.

Watch our video for "Tips for Trail Riding!"


Please print and fill out both pages of the Release Form or complete it online, see the black tab in the lower right hand corner of the screen: